Monday, July 21, 2008

If I Could Have One Wish

It would be to have access to the gym at the snap of my fingers. I finally put my feet on a treadmill, one moving at a 6 mile per hour pace at that. Ahhh... bliss, pure bliss. I've missed it and maybe that's why I've enjoyed it - I've come to realize that I have a tendency to channel my stress into one of the following: shopping, eating or exercise. Shopping gets done in a round about way these days, eating - that's a tough one -I've been craving caramel popcorn for about two weeks now - and chocolate even longer - I have a feeling those may be combined one of these days but for now I don't have big enough pots. And the exercise? Well with the new work hours I've been absent - hopefully no longer. Well time to get back to my reading - another thing I've picked up in the hopes of relaxing - and no it's not a Martha Stewart wedding - it's another Henri Nouwen book. But diverging from that a little song from my workout that made me realize that thankfully there is no need for any of the melodramatic breakup songs in my life but it doesn't mean I don't like running to them.

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