Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving Forward

Well for those who don't know, it's official that you need to check your Facebook more often. Shawn and I have a new blog that we are attempting to keep more updated then our own blogs. Well actually Shawn keeps his updated, I seem to be falling victim to work and flying stress and become comatose about 6pm, 7pm if Shawn's lucky.

The new blog is, you can keep an eye on the process of being knitted together, of planning, of stress and all the little weird and wonderful things - like Shawn's upcoming trip up here in August or Immigration - here I come, yep you know you want me. From the blog you can find our Flickr accounts and Shawn's own blog.

Thanks for coming along for the ride - and hey no looking back now you hear!?

Photo courtesy of Shawn

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