Friday, July 11, 2008

Backward Society?

It seems we live in a society that seems to think that teenagers are capable of raising children and yet 26 year old adults aren't capable of getting married. Linda asked about how the trip went, I said "It went really good" in response she asked how the long distance thing is going to work, and I said, it will be back and forth until April when we get married. She looked at me like I had 3 heads or something worse - Holy Sh*t girl. I replied well we've known each other since October. She proceeded into the lunch room and the door was open on our side - I could hear her saying, "What kind of world is she living in?"

Well Linda you are right, I live in another world - I live in a world where if you are mature enough to be in a committed relationship and you are mature and competent enough to decide if this person you are with is worthy of your life long commitment or not, then once you decide that, then you get married - no sense living together for years on end, only to decide 5 or 10 years down the line that it's not worth your effort. And here's the practical side of it all - common law is marriage - sorry folks but after 6 months of living you are married according to the law and you can get alimony, 1/2 the house and custody or whathaveyou. I just find it so frustrating.


Natalie said...

Everyone always has to make some kind of comment or add in their two sense don't they...

Jenn said...

They do don't they - well I try and just let it go - I try and see where it is coming from for the most part and then decided on the validity of the statement. In this case given the nature of their family dynamics, marriages and whatnot I don't consider her to be the expert in how to do it.

On a positive note she did come in and congratulate us about 30 minutes later - likely when the shock started to wear off.