Thursday, July 17, 2008

So I'm A Slacker

I get it, I understand that I'm too busy for my own good - I've got a to do list that keeps growing and all the things that I can shove off on others has been done - now I'm left with invitations for the engagement party and while I'm crafting this weekend I'm going to do the RSVP notes for the Save the Dates and maybe if I am insane I will have time to even tackle the exteriors of the BBQ ones for Florida. I would kind of like to have as much in the way of paper and knife stuff done. Natalie and others claim that this stuff is easy to find and get done with - we will see. But since I only have about 6 invites to do for the engagement party and about 20 for the Florida one, it's not that bad. Other then all the wedding sort of stuff, my life has been all about trying to figure out how to deal with this job and let it not consume every waking moment of my life or even non-waking as it does most often. I'm dealing with a renovation, possible software update, staffing issues, surgery chaos, archives that need culling and all sorts of other time and life consuming issues. I'm exhausted but I do have to say I enjoy my Skytrain ride in with my IPod and coffee. Here's a little sample of what I've been listening to:

The picture courtesy via Shawn is what I think of in this time of stress - peaceful moments in God's creation

Twenty-Six Summers - Vicky Beeching

His Grace Is Sufficient - Jennifer Knapp

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Shawn said...

I wouldn't say you are a slacker, I would say you are an extremely busy person who has a lot of responsibilities because you are reliable.