Monday, August 18, 2008


I bought two new journals and a budget planner today and ordered some books from Chapters Online

Pedro Arrupe: Essential Writings
Public Power in the Age of Empire - Roy
The Way Of The Heart - Nouwen
The Seeking Heart - Charles Ringma
An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action In The Twenty-first Century

I think my writings belong elsewhere and my time well hopefully will be spent doing a lot of other things not related to a computer. Like a concert or two - I've got an extra ticket for Ray Lamontage's show in November - takers?



stitchpixie said...

Lots of love, Jenn. You're in my prayers. I've been beyond busy the last month but you've been in my prayers. Maybe I'll take you up on that concert November offer and we'll go out for coffee when I get back in September. I'm leaving on a jet plane in t-minus 5 hours. Take care.

jocelyn said...

I'm really glad you bought An Imperfect Offering - it's the sort of book that you might become emotionally attached to. :)

Thinking of you.

cheryl said...

at an internet kiosk at the singapore airport. i got your cake stand just as i was leaving for the airport!! thank you miss classy jenn. one more airplane ride to go, then relaxation. take care

Amber Bishop said...

Way of the Heart is one of my all time top reads. Enjoy every minute of how it will interact with.

Praying with you,

Dessa said...

Good words.