Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Wonder

I wonder if we are given ways of praising God aside from our voices, ways our hearts are tuned to, tuned to "sing thy praise" - be it sonnet, sunrise captured on film or body in motion. What if our greatest challenge isn't getting modern more lively, happy worship songs in churches, but rather tuning the heart of the Church by tuning the hearts of the individuals within the body, tuning them to the rhythm of their lives, of their song of praise - whatever that looks like.

I don't know, I've been thinking, thinking, and thinking about art, books, music. I've been thinking about how beautiful the shadows on people's faces looked this morning. I've also been thinking about meaningless things like why would Starbucks add dried cherries and dried blueberries to their oatmeal - I mean they're AWESOME, but also expensive... anyways I like their oatmeal, even if it is like the packaged stuff.

Things I wonder.


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Ryan said...

I've had similar thoughts on the worship thing, and it seems like it's a common thought, as even the woman at the well asked Jesus the same thing! And I guess it's a tough one to comprehend due to Jesus' response - John 4:23-24.