Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bring into Form

At one time in my life I was consumed with my sketch pad and my poetry. They both left, maybe abruptly during the middle to end of grade 10, the dreams, the freedom, the moments slipped into the emptiness of unused pages, the pencils and charcoals discarded, the books of sketches thrown away. I'm not sure why, I know a part of me wasn't able to deal with the contents, the growth and humility that comes with giving yourself to something - whether it's a sport, cooking or an art like painting.

I still see those sketches, those places I dreamed, the freedom I dreamed, open fields, tall grasses, lush trees and soft breezes, full moons with luminescent shadows. I still hear the echo of the poems - the heartbeat, the loves, the dreams, the rhythm, the depth of teenage sorrow and depression all pouring freely onto a page, contained within a book, a book which was discarded.

I've been looking at the changing seasons and desiring to be in that place again, to pick up a pencil, outline, shade, blend - to see the moment, the small and not the large and to glimpse in a way uniquely mine at something which can't through any technique/guideline modernism, post modernism or post pomo can provide me for expressing it any other way. Will they be art? That's not the point, just like I don't believe literary wonders are ever seen here but there are glimpses in alliterations, phrases, metaphors.

I may just be purchasing some pencils and a pad and we'll see what happens... Emily Carr here I come?


The video below is a little sampling of part of me - a desire to dance and have a space with the view and the character of the location, to do just as Vanessa does, well minus some of the things she gets help with and the whole piano thing, never learned that... well not really.

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