Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Gotta Dance?

Every time, "Dreams" by the Cranberries comes on the radio, I want to shut my office door, take off my glasses and kick of my shoes and dance. Dance the modern dance my bones, muscles, fingers, toes and apparently brain still remember from when I was 15. Do you have one of those songs that regardless of your mood or the moment you find yourself lost in the song, tapping a toe, moving a finger or even bobbing wherever you are? Jamiroquai does that for me too but soft rock stations here choose normally to bore everyone to the point of near death with Celine et al, so it's doubtful he'll get a chance to inspire a mid after noon "boogie fest" in my office. Enjoy, and may you find a moment to dance regardless of how everything else feels. Make the moments good, even when the overall picture seems bleak.


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