Friday, November 7, 2008


I promise that I'm not perpetually angry, but gosh darn it, I just don't want to deal with this stuff right now.

Exhibit 1:

At work today, granted I work most Fridays but this one my friends I had off - ie. sacred on some level - but oh no Mr. Quickbooks and I have a date apparently and while we have a relationship it seems given I've bought books about him, talked with or more accurately to him, we've fought and I've apologized - it's not a love hate relationship - it's more hate hate and given that I'm getting no flowers out of it - it's so not worth it.

Exhibit 2:

Roommate - H_ly @#@$ Shut it - Seriously shut it after 11pm for the love of soft cookies and Burger King Kid's meals. Again last night with the giggling and the screaming and the slamming of the kitchen cupboards. Given that I had a had a large, repeat LARGE glass of Chianti and whimper/giggled myself through Grey's - I was comatose until WW3 the high school sleepover version started in my living room.

Exhibit 3:

Shopping, I need to go buy a bra which though good self care and all that is not particularly high on my yay list because I also need to find an outfit for the Christmas party and yet I don't - I don't want to shop, shopping leads to bigger debt, and debt is worse then a bad latte after a crummy night sleep

Exhibit 4:

No coffee, grrrr, big grr given 2, but considering I have 3 1/2 hours of yoga tomorrow I need to hydrate and I'm going to be hitting the vino again - so preemptive hydration it is....


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