Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Remember

It is raining today, it seems to rain every Remembrance Day. The Earth, the communal soul, God or whomever you want to attribute it to, weeps, mourns on the day we gather to remember the sacrifices of men and women. Men and women (in their other capabilities) raised on Imperialistic dreams and sent rife with fantasies to a "foreign land" to confront their opposite. Young men and women on the other side with the same narrow, idealistic beliefs about right and wrong. We stand and remember their sacrifice. A word dripping with morality, with a we were right and you were wrong, and our deaths were not in vain mentality. A mentality that says we were justified. How is war justified? We argue now that the Allies saved the Jews. The Jews who they banned from their countries? Canada had appalling immigration policies when it came to the Jews after WW2. Never mind that we don't hear about the mentally ill, physically disabled, Gypsies and Homosexuals that were tortured, tested on and killed. We don't talk about those things that don't make us heroes, because who would have wanted them saved anyways, or so the mentality goes. Every war afterwards furthers this mentality of justification, it's for freedom, it's for democracy, it's for... what is given to those Interment camp children, what is given to those children of every single war, those who walk away. What do they walk away with? They don't walk away with this American notion of freedom, they don't walk away with a vision of democracy. No they walk away with self hatred, fear, confusion and every single emotion that is ultimately more self and socially destructive then any atomic bomb could have ever been. Trust me I know.

So on Remembrance Day, when I see the rain, I see the tears of the mothers, widow, and wives, and of everyone else who knows it was not worth it, it will never be worth dying for. Your "liberators", your "freedom," your "bravery" is death and nothing more.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jooliree/1328757651/


cheryl said...

just like i was blown away in russia that they called "ivan the terrible" "ivan the great"

Psyconym said...

Wow. She just blew me away.

Jenn said...

She does that - Affirm Life

Psyconym said...

Right back at you!