Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am having a minor/major fashion dilemma. I bought a dress when I was in Seattle looking for wedding clothes way back in August. The issue is not the dress but rather I have no shoes to wear with it nor do I have any idea of the type of shoes I should wear with it. But because it's a fall/winter style I have to find a pair relatively soon, never mind that I need them for Ryan and Alanna's wedding in January. So here's the dress, and below are some links to possible options. Let me know.

Consider it as a warm up exercise before the more taxing work to come this afternoon on our day off.

Now as a side note, I realize the model is wearing gray shoes, but since I don't particularly have a penchant for multiple pairs of gray shoes, I was thinking brown for classic and purple for that err wow factor, or I can get a vintage purple clutch.

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3


Jenn said...

made my decision, that I did...

cheryl said...

which one? already bought? i'm not sure about the purple+blue combo.....color-wise it should be blue+orange ( but ew: http://zeta.zappos.com/search?department=&term=orange+pumps ) ...practicality wise ... white!

pf chang's is disgusting. it's like they use the saltiest japanese kikoman soy sauce as the base for everything there at a CHINESE restaurant. the only other option is the cheesecake factory, and i'm not a big fan either. that website also works to find little vancouver restaurant gems, too.

Jenn said...

It's actually a teal color which is why I hate it for getting shoes - I am going with the brown ones. A neutral and then getting the clutch in a color. I just can't get my heart into a second pair of gray shoes.