Sunday, November 9, 2008


Music can be like toothpaste, it has a profound ability to mess with your relational celibacy. It has the power to whisper to the deepest darkest place and say with a soft reassuring purr, embrace me, let me take you over, and before you know it, your swaying along and giving that man across the room that look. A man that before the song you would never have looked twice at, and all of a sudden he's well something else. Granted that did not happen last night, and even if it could have it would not. However that is not to say Ray did not make me long for the time that it's not just me floating around the room with a glass of vino. But until then I guess it will just be me and Ray, or Damien.

Side note: To our waiter at Earl's, while Acid Rock may be wonderful, not to many girls are seduced by it, Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne - that is a different story, so help yourself out, k?


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