Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Must Not Shop, Must Not Buy Anything from J Crew...

Apparently this is where the group program gets hard, where we get tired and the emotional rollercoaster stalls, stalls somewhere be it at the bottom of the incline or at the crest - of which I'm unsure. This is the time I hide my credit card and persevere knowing nothing makes this any easier, not a new pair of shoes, nothing. A clean house may help and that's on the agenda today. I'm getting exhausted by my roommate and though I have zero room for conflict I feel like she needs a intervention, an I'm not your mother but this is my place so get your act together, don't be awake all night and keep me up with you or make a mess everywhere - keep your shit in your room.... bah.
On to better things - I'm going to get some supplies to make some white poppies - if you're local to the Vancouver area I'm happy to make you one, and of course the song below. The worship last night was wonderful, for once in the last few weeks there was a sense of freedom about it.

This is Our God - Chris Tomlin

A refuge for the poor
A shelter for the storm,
This is our God.
He will wipe away your tears
And return your wasted years
A father to the orphan,
A healer to the broken,
This is our God.
He brings peace to your madness
And comfort in our sadness

This is the one we have waited for,
This is the one we have waited for.
This is the one we have waited for,
This is our God.

A fountain for the thirsty,
A lover for the lonely,
This is our God.
He brings glory to the humble
And crowns for the faithful

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