Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I see beauty in:


my calves for being tight
my triceps for being weak
my downward dog for looking a little ill on some days


the bad hair days
the I don't know what to wear days
the I can't deal with my muffin top days


that I ate multiple brownies, but I did love them
that I can only run for 6 minutes at a time
that I hate the rain, but I love Vancouver
that I may never truly love sushi again
that I love cut flowers


at life
at me
at Max
at the wonders of the silly things around me

I know I haven't had a great big belly laugh in a while, but the smiles and little chuckles are there, and will come more and more.


in London Fogs/Tea Mistos
in the foam on a really good vanilla soy latte
in carmel macchiatos


in wearing a white poppy with pride

Photo here:


Anonymous said...

love this. beautifulll jenn

cheryl said...

your bad hair days can be nothing other than the equivalent of my good hair day