Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Heart the Bangles

Yes I know I'm not technically a child of the 80's, I mean I was born in that decade, but most if not all of it passed me by with little to no impact, minus the leg warmers, Popples, Cabbage Patch Dolls and Care Bears. I didn't get to enjoy the fashions, or more importantly the music.

I love the Bangles - primarily for their gift of Manic Monday, because well I believe it sums up every feeling I've had over the last two days which have included:

1. A bus driver unaware of the stops - got dropped off 3 blocks after I yelled at him for not only missing my stop but the one after it - now I'm not one to get cranky at the bus drivers - but at 6:30am and when it's raining outside, I don't appreciate being forced to walked that distance, especially over all this snow and ice.

2. Snow, slush, ice and every uncleaned sidewalk - just because it's raining doesn't mean those 2 feet of snow are going to disappear overnight, especially when you shoved the snow off your car and onto the sewer drain.

3. Fashion issues - I left my skirt at home yesterday - forcing me to go home to get it ( I worked out first), and today popped a huge hole in my new tights - thank goodness I had a backup pair

4. Computers - our server replacement is still haunting me - amongst everything else that could go wrong with every electronic device in the office - like for example our APC UPS - it's a backup/power bar is being overloaded by the new server and the terminal server - so I have high pitched continuous "beep" - thankfully I have ear phones and 80's music.

5. Crazy a$$ed dreams - spiders galore - all different kinds and the rats they killed and laced together like a garlic rope - don't ask - that's the only relatively normal one - and I would like someone to explain why I didn't wake up screaming considering my SERIOUS arachnophobia.

6. Pimple - Okay this may sound vain, but I don't get them, I have horrible dry skin and all that else where -but my face is relatively normal - not right now...

7. Ouch, that's what I thought when I got out of bed this morning - I did walking lunges yesterday with a 10lbs plate - (lunge and twist) works - everything... too well.

I'm posting the video -it saves me finding a picture of me banging my head against my desk. At least I have New Years plans.

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