Friday, December 12, 2008

Wanted: Running Buddy

As many of you know I've been running, or more specifically I've started running again. Why? Well other then that interesting incident with the Italian waitress who thought I was pregnant, I've set a goal of running a half marathon in the spring and then if all goes well another one or two in the fall and a marathon next winter - the when and where will remain anonymous because I am sure the paparazzi will be overwhelming if I do disclose those.

Regardless, I need a buddy to help me enjoy my "casual" long runs. So if you are available Saturday mornings or early Sundays like 6:30-7am, in the Vancouver area and able to run at a 5.5mph pace or slightly faster over 6-10 miles and of course would like to do that with me huffing along next to you then let me know.

Rewards? Health and wellness? Time with me? I am sure those aren't enough, maybe you're training for a marathon or a half marathon yourself and you're going to do it for that reason. If you need another incentive, I am happy to make a full breakfast one a month for you.

So the real details:

When: Mid January to Mid April for now, if you would like that can continue on and on and on...

Dates: Saturday mornings or early Sunday mornings

Time: 9:30am or earlier (6:30-7 on Sundays)

Who: You if you are up for it

Why: Because you are a wonderful person


LeahA said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 6 30am....

man whats happened to me, i remember i use to wake up at 415am for work almost everyday but now that seems near impossible


Jenn said...

You only did that because of CAFFEINE, beautiful, luscious caffeine.

Thanks LeeLee - I'll try and remember that with the last .1mile to go... geez 13.1 miles, it's not that far is it?

Blue in Green said...

wish I could join you...but we are miles apart

Jenn said...

Miles that I don't think I can run. Though who knows maybe one day that will change. Our paths could cross, the world is small and our lives can carry us to the strangest places.

Blue in Green said...

I believe you my dear sweet princess.