Sunday, December 14, 2008

Run, A little Run, for Me

Or for you. I am somewhat giddy about the possibility of finally running a half marathon, but more importantly a full one. I opened up this months addition of Runner's World and they have the full year's listed of all the races in the world. Yes the world, I was thinking of running something in Europe because then I could really justify a week abroad, something in Germany would be nice because I'd have someone to stay with, but who knows there is Greece and Italy and on and on. It's a life long plethora of races that could/should be run.

Right now I'm looking at adding the Royal Victoria and one of the Seattle's to mix, in theory a 13.1 miler if I am training for a full is going to be an average distance and they could be used to help me gain confidence and race experience.

But really I can't imagine you want to know about all the details - it's a little stressful at the same time, given all I have to purchase again. See the last time I routinely hit the road I was two dress sizes bigger - to be honest I can't really remember those days of that size. I know that most people haven't noticed, it's been a long and slow process. I have regularly attended a gym for going on 4 years this February (Started Feb 05). I would like to drop another size, but really have no expectations of doing so or seeing really dramatic physical changes - my mother's body at it's smallest was an 8, granted that was a size 8 20 some odd years ago and now that's a 10, and since I'm an 8 now, I'm a 10 then... anyways I'm like her physical clone, so I don't imagine I'll be running the Miami Marathon (possibly that location) next year with a whole new body, I'd be happy with no jelly on my belly or even less that I could eat ice cream again and not care.

On this weird tangent, did you know that for every mile you complete you burn a minimum of 100 calories? So whether you walk or run, you're doing yourself good. Log 35 miles in a week and you've in effect burned of 1lb of fat, now granted given this season you've maybe just staved off the Christmas 10.

So that all is the "fun side" of the lifestyle - summed up I will be purchasing the following in the near future:

1 plantar fasciitis sock, to replace my old one the last time I started to train for a marathon and ended up doing 8 months of rehab, but that also had to do with my wearing heels - I guess I've got to quit those too again... darn.

1 watch - preferably with a Heart Rate monitor - I was looking at the Nike Triax Elite - to also help me time the distances etc.

2 pairs of New Balance shoes - one to replace my gym pair - now a year old - though in pristine condition they've easily logged 500 miles this past year (average week was 15-25 miles), and a pair for outside.

1 pair of running tights - I have a pair that should still be okay, a little loose but okay - and those ones are fleece lined for our winters.

2 running tops - I would use my Lululemon ones but the fabric retains the moisture different then the running fabrics.

1 warm layers - I had this wonderful fleece lined layer with the hand warmer part and it was stolen from the gym while I was doing my weights.

1 running toque - cotton or wool just ends up being sweaty and bulky - or unkind when you try and shove a stubby ponytail under it.

2 pairs of cheap gloves - you know the 2 dollar one size fits all kinds we have millions of lost partner ones of but don't have the heart to throw away

3 pairs of running socks - mine a getting a little sketchy.

Since I'll still be logging the majority of my miles on a treadmill for the next month or so, I will slowly acquire the above - or hope that there are some really good sales given the economy as of late... Even on that note, I will take donations...

Take Care all - I'm off to do the dishes wrap the last of the gifts and have a nap - it's Sunday after all - it's a sacred nap day. But before I depart another song you can add to the running list you may have:

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