Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Will It Never Stop!!!

Oh Bloody Hell (I know I know - one of the things on the resolution list - tone down the unladylike language), it just keeps coming and coming and coming - I managed to get to Donald's relatively fine as the snow was not blowing in my face and it was mostly downhill - getting home made me regret not waiting in Donald's buying more food I didn't really need just so my dad could take me home.

(Leaha if you care to know the steps in the back don't exist (as of one hour ago) - that's how much snow there was today alone)

On another note, it's been brought to my attention that the whole PC is apparently too direct/specific. I've been thinking about it - had lots of time in the aforementioned snow to try and compose this blog.

Yes PC was a flesh and blood person, I mean don't mean that he does not currently live, as far as I am aware he is alive. I mean that in the sense that while a discussion around him with a fellow single started a literary adventure. This person has a similar person in her life - it's not a person who her life is surrounded around it is rather as stated before a measurement for everyone else. The why and who and all that is what we are doing here - we were both, and others after her faced with the fact that we all had this kind of person in our psyche - they haven't left through years and years of change and the consensus was why, why the hell is this ghost, this fantasy, (regardless of the fact that it is associated with a flesh and blood person) hanging around in my brain and popping up whenever I think I'm ready, or in my case starting to talk about the day I'll be ready, to start dating.

Do I like PC's real alter ego (if that makes sense) who knows - don't really know him, none of us know ours and that is in part why they can hold that position - Leah is starting to know hers and it's been a bit of a shock, I'm sure the same could be for all of us. I do not have visions of even talking with this person - as we've already noted it would be disastrous. But I do wish to get to a day where he's not It and there is no other It person - real or imaginary of any form in his place.

And of course if it needs to be further stated as mentioned before he's not the only literary character to take up residence in my brain - they are all floating around these days thankfully as they weave themselves into a book of some form.

So there you have it - PC originated with a live flesh and blood person, a person who may or may not read this, but he is not the PC discussed here - which I hope comes across more as a mutual person - the same PC in the end for all female or male readers who identify.

Now back to your regularly scheduled holiday message:

Photos - if you don't believe me about the snow - of course they aren't mine - no camera

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