Sunday, May 27, 2007

I feel like I should change my blog title to the "Trials and Blessings of being a Maid of Honor..."

I know this will seem a bit off topic but it's necessary for a few reasons, one I need to express sentiments that I know will never be taken into consideration by the owner of Blush Bridal, on Bellevue in West Vancouver, but should be considered by any bride to be. And two this whole journey as a maid of honor is just another threshold/process I must go through.

While Cheryl may not be a bridzilla yet, or ever be one, I hope. There is apparently one running Blush Bridal, in West Vancouver. We went to try on dresses today as Cheryl had picked out several online that she loved, and since we was in Vancouver - why not have us try them on? Well I must say that considering how I now feel after thinking about the treatment we received again I'm even more hurt and left with a bitter taste. I must confess I'm not tiny, nor am I huge, I view my size 8-10 frame to be average. Apparently the owner felt me to be larger than palatable, and something of our/my character to be unworthy of any respect... Maybe because I wasn't the bride, but then again Cheryl was treated with the same disrespect and manhandling. Her petite frame requires a certain style of dress which she apparently was unable to discern from the beginning -there was no discussion on issues that would arise from the low backed dresses or lost details with massive alterations, no helpful direction towards alternative styles or helping Cheryl determine what it was that didn't work, no just a rushed fitting complete with biting remarks and aggressive chiding of the other bridesmaid who touched a wedding dress. These are samples, complete with makeup stains, tares, pulls and massacred buttons. Touching a dress would not in anyway decrease the value of the dress.

Frocks on W.Broadway however, was amazing - sure they are "standard" bridesmaid dresses, but the staff alone, and the casual atmosphere is a reason to try it out regardless of your desire to avoid "color blobs" as Cheryl put them. Great dress selection, size selection, helpful staff and overall a more joyful atmosphere - regardless of the perceived age or wealth of the bride and her party.

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Laura said...

Hey, found you via your comment on my blog about Blush... I just recently heard about Frocks but haven't visited yet, since you have I was wondering what the prices were like? I'd be interested in taking my BM's to check them out.

So sorry to hear about your experience at Blush by the way. It's weird how people seem to get widely varying degrees of service at the same stores - I had the most awful experience at a highly recommended bridal shop in New Westminster. Go figure. Maybe it's just different salespeople at the same stores.