Thursday, June 21, 2007

I should know better...

I'm off the juice, the black gold or whatever you want to call it. I do not have the normal headaches and what not but I'm not in good shape. I'm exhausted, sleep forever, yawn continuously exhausted. Caffeine has never impaired my sleep, but stress sure does and there has been a whole lot of it as of late. Reminds me of how I felt last year at this time - then I was
grinding my teeth at night about the MCAT... ick, it still gives me nightmares.

So aside from Sheldon and Cheryl, the big one that is in the back of my mind, what is going to happen with my life... in that my parents have now been actively talking about moving to Vernon. I feel like saying - "uh, hello? what about the poor student who lives with you - you know the one who cooks, cleans and buys the family groceries in exchange for rent? don't I need to be included in this discussion?" It's not that I want to move to Vernon with them, God no! But I think I deserve at least the standard 3 months notice so I can start saving and putting my attention towards life with no safety net. After all I fully acknowledge that I am an adult, and I've been living with my parents far too long in many respects, but in others I am a student living on a loan, with debts, and a somewhat stable job. Moving out at random isn't really an option. I am also conscious that I will most likely (fingers crossed) be finished my degree around Christmas next year - and then be putting my attention towards the PA program and moving Stateside anyways... it would be nice if they could hold off for about 2 years but I cannot see that happening. Ack, one more stressor.

And just in case you are wondering about the caffeine - it's in my veins right now. . . couldn't do it, I guess I need at least one vice. And no, I do not considered my love of vegan cupcakes to be one.

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