Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ring vs. Vegas

So the new epidemic sweeping North American is not TB, SARS or even syphilis, although surprisingly the first and last are increasing. Nope, no medical pandemic, it's engagements. I would prefer the others in some respects. Cheryl's getting married, Jessica is making it kosher, Sheldon is now engaged and I'm not holding my breath that Parveen, Meisha or someone else won't be engaged in the near future. All these commitments and even babies (Melissa, Josh Tasha, and now Nathan/Emily) within the last year has got me wondering what am I waiting for? The rest of the world is moving on and I'm in this well "he's out there somewhere" stage still, kidding myself and/or trying to dull the annoyance of it all. So on Meisha's recommendation and considering I do not see any likelihood that someone will purchase it for me, I am considering for going my week in the sun for the ring posted below. I can get my own ring and the hell with waiting. The hell with conversations like I had today with my mom about what we should do for mine.... have not told them yet because I know they wouldn't believe me and most likely would have an even stranger reaction than they did to Sheldon... Let's play it out.
"Mom, Dad I believe that there is not point in waiting, and that I am destined to be single, so I'm buying the ring I wanted and trying to move on and out of here ASAP"

"Oh honey you're being crazy, there is someone out there for you, remember I got married late and so did your Auntie Janine and Auntie Kerry" (they would go on listing while I replay my dad's use of the word spinster when describing his aunt who raised his siblings...)

"Look you still get a wedding and all that business with Sheldon and Steph, don't project your dreams on me too, I've got enough shit* (parental appropriate word to be substituted) to deal with when it comes to society, especially Christian society's view that I should be married.

and so it would go back and forth, and my mom would end in tears believing that evil feminists and my tattoo caused all this to happen. and my dad who cries at every country song about daughters getting married will continue with that, and who knows someday may get the chance to do it for a granddaughter - since I still plan on adopting...

Got any options? The ring or Vegas?


stitchpixie said...

i've tried on many occassions to leave comments on your blogs but somehow, even though i have a blogspot of my own, it's exceedingly difficult!

so here we go. i'm all for buying the ring. it's cheap, it's beautiful, it's one of a kind, and it gives you an excuse to come visit me.

that being said a girl at work has not only a HUGE "engagement" ring on her finger, but a wedding band too! is she married? no. is she engaged? no. are they fake? no. she bought them for herself.

so i say endulge yourself. and you can wear it on any finger you like.

stitchpixie said...

btw, sheldon is ENGAGED? honey, i told you from the very beginning that i was super apologetic to become like all the buzzing bees you've been surrounded these past few years.....so here it is again - i'm sorry (and you'll be happy to know i'm working hard on a venue)