Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More irresistible than me or my vegan chocolate cupcakes...

Leaha requested my opinion on Shane Claiborne's "The Irresistible Revolution." I feel that I must preface my response, I do not normally read "Christian" books in any form, the ones I have read consist of Don Miller and Mike Yaconelli - the kind of authors I would sit down, have coffee and share with. Miller and Yaconelli are often criticized for their post modern style, which is more a euphemism for "anti pop culture christian." It isn't watered down, it's honest: shows doubt, brokenness and genuine grace, nothing cheap and easy.
I mentioned in the previous blog that I feel like I should just walk around with this book, and give it to everyone who does not seem to understand me. My family and friends all view me now as a hippie, all peace, love and save the animals. Personally I find it offensive. I understand the label, but I believe it belittles the choices and the changes I have and desire to make, just like the word "rebel" or even "christian" has lost its true definition. There is so much more than just a movement away from the commercial that I have wanted to see in Willingdon, SFU, or in the Church in general for a long time now. It's a change in the hearts and minds of believers to see that we've got it all wrong. We have got this loving our neighbors thing wrong if we declare war or if we are attempting to love our friends and families into heaven by cheapening grace.
More often then not in reading this book, I felt like stopping, calling up The Simple Way and saying will you take me? Can you really use me as I am? Claiborne mentions several organizations from: The Simple Way to Mother Theresa's Home for the Dying. The latter especially has me captured. He had me crying on the bus with his retelling of his time in India (word to the wise - do not read on the bus if you are prone to tears or Amen's). On top of all the amazing encouragement, insight and hope that I can do what I dream with my life, he reassures the part of my soul that loathes Christian books - all the profits from sales go direct to charity - he doesn't see a cent. And he even encourages the passing around of the text. Granted I read Leaha's copy, and will be returning it to her, I will be buying myself a copy so you can have it and possibly a dozen more for Club's Day, Sheldon or for the next person who believes my life would be better married and or living in Canada making a "good" living.

Leaha, would you be interested in any of his adventures? Like India?

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