Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heat and Hair color...

Both the ridiculous heat and the peroxide/ammonia combo that has recently graced my mane, and returned me to my wonderful Ginger-esqe hue have resulted in the nullification of my cognitive abilities. Regardless, I have been thinking...yes, I know everyone back away my brain might just implode.

Three issues as of late - one my acquisition of my Chapter's order which included Henri Nouwan's "With Open Hands." It also included the Essential Kierkegaard and Dorothy Day's bio - "The Long Loneliness." Nouwan's book - a little devotional sized work, is about prayer - how we should approach it, by way of self examination. Maybe that's not an adequate description but it is what it is... Once I'm finished I'll post the reviews on UCM's blog. The increased reading is due to Irresistible Revolution, and the references Shane makes.

On another completely separate note, apparently Cheryl was right. We had a conversation months if not a least a year ago now, regarding my possible IBS. Sure enough, it seems like that's what I have. Monica gave me a herbal remedy produced in Germany - that deals not only with the bloating and discomfort but the spastic intestine issues...

And third but not least, once again I'm being "politely" pushed from the nest. As much as it scares me, since the last time was a bit of a stressful disaster, I think that the time has come with all the goings on at home to get my adult self out of the land of parents and pseudo children. The offset of less parents vs. possibly less stress seems to lean towards the moving and not the staying. And one good thing to add to that is Dr. Kennedy's office apparently has work for me - yah!!

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