Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'll have a Passion martini...if you're buying make that two

This week has driven me to the point where I'm going to call up the Blue Water Cafe and ask them to send over few martinis. Yes, I do not drink often, but I can hold my booze, if my 21st birthday party and the staff Christmas parties have anything to say about that - even though I don't know if I should be proud of that or not. Anyways - Edwina is singing about pouring her a drink and I think she's got the right idea. Melodramatic music and some vodka.

So the stressers this week... not that any of these are new:
1. Billing software hates me at work - crashes every time Jas goes on vacation and leaves me to bill for payment closing

2. Patients - while it may not be a full moon, and maybe I'm not my cheerful self - I feel like I work in a vortex of crazy.

3. Facebook, it drives me up the wall

4. This dating site - arg (and words Cheryl says I shouldn't use) this is why I swore, quite
literally, I would never do this - it's too much work, I feel like I'm trying to contain myself in this box of obscenely polite etiquette when I've tried for years to distance myself from that - straight to the point, bare the truth is my policy. In the end all I want to say is, "You look like you won't kill me, your profile seems compatible (and if I'm feeling really gutsy - you're cute) - want to talk? Give me a chance to see if your are not as horribly boring as my high school math teachers were - or even worse, creepy like my university calculus professors were... so Mr. Grade 8 teacher there you go - my attempt at being forward and reserved all at the same time.

5.The family, life - possible move etc

6. Vegas vacation - the Venetian has some awesome prices through Westjet - so no scary airplane this time, but I have to scrounge up $750 ASAP. Hmm

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