Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have a confession to make...

Not only is there a coffee in my hand (I feel fast asleep on my break - and now I have billings to do - oh so exciting), but even worse then my consuming of caffeine, I joined a Menno dating site (gasp - so embarrassed) Well even though I'm still quite positive I'm destined to be single, I thought why not have another excuse to fall back on? Let me explain - my parents believe my inactivity in Willingdon's College and Career group is the reason for my single status. Oh, if it were that simple. I know it's not. So now I can say I've made an effort. I know I'm picky and even worse I've pretty much eliminated any candidates, I blogged about this already. But so you don't have to check - my requirements. . .

It isn't going to happen, and no one is going to be able to make a vegan
version of the cream cheese bagel sold only at Granville Island, that I used to
have every Sunday as a child, and nor am I going to find a man who respects and
hopefully partners with me in the following (in no specific order): my Mennonite
history/upbringing -ie. shares my strong feelings on pacifism, culture and
faith, my faith in general, my veganism, my love for: food/an Epicurean geek,
athletic pursuits (Grouse Grind and Yoga top that list), camping/outdoors, my
passion for orphans and East Europe/missions work, my fascination with
Yiddish/Jewish culture, my ink (tats), my love for reading/education, and if we
are getting picky at least an appreciation for Organic Chemistry... They do not
however need to know anything about medicine or want to know about medicine...
that is one area that I am happy to leave out.

I've still been thinking about the singleness thing - and in the end I don't particularly know why it continues to make sense - maybe it's because it's safe, maybe because I am selfish - like Morgan said (old blog again) or maybe because there's no point hoping that there would be someone to fill the massive list I have. But then again that list can be simplified to food, fun, future and faith...

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