Friday, July 20, 2007

What an opportunity!

For a limited time only you have the chance to possibly change my future. After thinking about what Cheryl has said about my description of myself and whom I looking for and then looking at her little "schpeel" about me - I think I may be portraying an image that while accurate if you know me - is a little scary if you don't. So here's your chance! Posted below are the areas that need to be addressed...

About me: In my non-poetic fashion, bearing in mind that these are all labels, and no person is solely that, we are so much more complex.... I'm a feminist, vegan, who enjoys athletic activity - i.e. running, yoga etc, volunteering with grade 8-9 kids (basically they let me hang out with them...), cooking/experimenting in the kitchen, reading, doing really anything that could be defined as intellectual. Currently I'm working on my second bachelor's degree (General Studies in Applied Science), while working in a medical clinic and writing in my spare time. And I guess you need to know I'm inked (right hip back/left hip front/left foot), I know not very Menno of me - if that's a problem sorry but I can't do anything about it.

If you are wondering yes I stole the beginning from my Facebook and Myspace profiles
What I'm looking for in a potential partner: Missions oriented, physically active, health minded - I'm vegan so you can't be really attached to your meat - or at least you have to be able to cook it on your own..., conservative side of liberal in ideas/beliefs, intellectual and someone who respects me.
Sorry Cheryl - I had included a portion after the fact that I wanted spaced separately but since Blogger hates me it was continually being mashed together.... so I had to just take it out as it was too confusing... the section was my ramblings about all that I wanted to find a way to say but of course condense...
Picture courtesy of Cheryl - bridesmaid dress shopping


stitchpixie said...

okay first of all, take out all "feminist" references. it's scary, and it's really not how i would describe you. andrew was like - how is she a feminist? and i'm like...she appreciates margaret atwood? and frowns on the patriarchal skews of society? but we both concluded that most people today share that viewpoint, both men and women alike.

the blurbs on the back of book jackets always talk about the author in the third person, even if they've written, so why not take my description of you:

I would describe you...:
You are very lady-like in that traditional sense, like someone out of middle america in the 1960s; always with the beautifully coiffed, vibrantly rich red hair and always outdoing my sunday best with some simple tea length skirt and cardigan, all the while seeming so effortlessly put together with not an ounce of make up.

You throw dinner parties and rent matching cutlery in an era where girls our age are out at the clubs all weekend. You're like a hip martha stewart that embraces vegan food, writing, reading, yoga, and exercise.

Despite a few discreet tattoos that reflect absolutely nothing rebellious or scandalous, you are one of the most conservative people I know, where pacificism means both no violence on tv as well as no water guns for your future children, for instance. A bachelor's in English an Applied Science degree on the way add a refreshing perspective though, like that doctors and lawyers should not all be men and women can be more than simply just teachers and pastors' wives.

You could have the perfect household, with dinner on the tablet by 6 with a fresh baked pie in the oven to follow, clothes freshly pressed for the next morning, on top of a 9-5 job. Any guy would be lucky to have you.

i've edited this a bit, and after this first paragraph i've put +++ where i've taken stuff out or added much needed punctuation.

I'm looking for a missions-oriented, physically active, healthy minded guy; someone who is well-read and on the conservative side of liberal in ideas and beliefs. I'm vegan but am more than happy to have you cook your own meat.

"I write for comfort, for clarity, for community, in the hope that whatever leaves my fingers may either help/heal and hopefully not hinder me and even on a greater level be the words someone else desires to hear. That in some way these fingers may not just be touching the keyboard but reaching out to hold another hand, all this while fully understanding the very absurdly pretentious nature of the previous statement. How do you articulate that you want to share with someone, what your heart feels when you sit in half -lotus ocean side – feeling the sun, breeze and smelling the sea? How do you express what you feel when you pick up a book and desire you feel to share those experience and that the desire for a share experience (HUH? desire feel share?? huh?) is the reason you love used books more than anything – the feeling like you are sharing this experiences, these words with someone else. That you want someone you can feel so comfortable with that you can sing and dance in their presence without the feeling of judgment placed on you by your family and previous friends. In the end that you feel broken, damaged, scarred and you do not even know if you should be putting yourself out there or if you may be forever destined to singledom for whatever reason. That the plight of orphans makes you sick, that the picture of that little boy is with you every day+++, that the struggle makes your tears +++minor in comparison. That this road++ to this quarter century has been filled with a lot. (a lot? is there a better word here) I need a strong person with a gentle hand. Sure I can cook and sure I can clean, sew, run a house and all those things that are supposedly necessary. But beyond all that I would hope that someone would find me compatible, a partner in the truest sense of the word. Yet understand I desire a level of independence. I can do this on my own but I want you here with me – understand I need space, I’m a social introvert… one of my many binaries – people are wonderful to a point, and then I shut down quite literally. But I can go into a room where I +++know no one and be okay. Being active and being vegan are part of who I am, funny enough they are probably the only aspects of my life that don’t exist in a binary – that I don’t contain both their yin and yang.

stitchpixie said...

i also think it's almost way too long, but i guess if someone's interested, more is better