Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Long and Short of It

Well first of all I must share my minor accomplishment, I have my hair in a ponytail - I know shocking... well actually it is, since it's the first time in over 4 years. The last time it was remotely this long was for my last trip to Russia - it was promptly cut after arriving home for various reasons, namely I wanted to prove to Darrell he'd made a stupid choice picking Marie - in the end it was both Marie and I who realized our choice was even worse - but that is neither here nor there, and back to the hair. It's being lengthened, ever so slowly due to Cheryl's impending nuptials - if all goes according to plan and someone doesn't strangle her in the meantime - the date is sometime next August. I realized today though, that I don't know if I'm going to have the patience to do this whole growing out business more then once. The day after Cheryl gets married - off the hair will come, and since it takes a year to go from my normal length to the length required for a chignon (aka: a bun for all you non-bilingual folks) - I'm worried. Why? Well I have no intention of having short hair on my own wedding day - I know it's crazy, but then again what did you expect? So then, either I get married next summer, which we so know isn't happening - so please for the love of whatever Cheryl do not post a comment about me getting all worried about being single - trust me - not worried - and when I do I log onto facebook and look at all our PA friends married with multiple babies underfoot. So that being said, do I cut it or wait - because right now I'm just itching to cut it all off - so I don't have to worry about investing in new Velcro rolls, a flat iron, better blow dryer and steam rollers in an attempt to wrangle the mess into submission. Since that became the long and short of it all by itself a little update - no place, not even a possible place - if Leaha didn't have all the girls (Senior High girls she mentors - that I once had and now she does) and if I didn't need on site laundry, a shag carpet free home or an oven - yes even ovens can be hard to come by - then we'd have one but we don't. So I'm giving it until Sunday and then we have to change our game plan - we either share a 1 bedroom or we have to wrangle in another roommate. These are the days I wish I was married - in that I'm not going to live with someone in that sense - but then it could a studio or 1 bedroom and two salaries going towards the rent. But whatever... back to craigslist I must go - and work for that matter.

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