Friday, August 31, 2007

A Taboo Topic

Sex - that's right I'm selling out and moving to a topic that sells... actually, No, not quite. Cheryl, my beloved bridezilla and constant waffler posed a question in regards to Andrew and her purchasing a house. They are due to be married sometime next August - if they can pick a date..., and currently live in separate apartments in the same complex. The new home they purchase will have two bedrooms - and they intend to live separate for the remainder of their engagement. Weird? Some may think so, I know the older I get the more I agree with their decision all the while conscious that the world doesn't. It's just assumed that you've, you know "done it." I remember the shock on my former trainer's face when during our conversation about Vegas or something like that, that I said I haven't done "it." Why? Well, the more I look at the world and all the dynamics that I believe that women equate huge amounts of emotional commitment and identity with sex - it's not just an act. That's not to say that men don't. Women though are specifically targeted for this aspect of their psyche - romantic movies, rings, weddings and all that is related targets that portion in our brains that believes we are complete when we are in love. Our society has pushed that notion with our consumption of all things sex to the idea that we are complex when we get laid regularly. From music videos to Sex in the City - albeit a funny show, the point was still clear - you need to get it from somewhere or you're missing out.

Maybe you do, maybe we aren't designed for a life of celibacy. I'd like to the think otherwise, I can think of a lot of current day examples - but that's not really the point. For me, why no? Why follow what some may see as just Church/patriarchal doctrine - in the whole woman is either virgin or slut binary? Because it isn't that for me - it's a choice I have and will continue to make in that the emotional price is too high for me. It's an emotional and physical commitment without a defined commitment to someone - and in the end I'm don't feel safe in knowing that a relationship is defined by it, as I've seen it is.

So are you crazy Cheryl? I don't think so - maybe a little revolutionary in the eyes of the world but since when is that tragic?

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