Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Booze or Chocolate

That's what I'm needing right now - and while we're at it who knows maybe some kind of cathartic release, like a good theraputic cry. I've had my second interview in the last week and again they're also looking for a 5+ year commitment. So again no new job and now I'm worried. I've been hitting my head against a wall, as per usual for those who's been following along for the last year. I need work but I can't seem to find it and with no safety net of moving home I'm at a loss of what to do. I have no intention of lying to any future employer about my future, but really 5 years? I'm 25 years old, even if I say I can commit, you really think they believe me? I best start the dealing with this, especially considering there is neither of the aformentioned anywhere to be seen, or even a hug - that's calorie free right? Hugs anyone? Well anyone I know and trust.

1 comment:

LeahA said...

i wish i was around this evening to, well just be around !
sorry about the crap interview , 5 year commitment thing !