Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After 8 years of school I've mastered it and today is a perfect example, it started with me sleeping in a hour, then dawdling out of the gym and then making a b-line for the UCM clubs day table to talk to Kirsten and Seth about the goings on of the last few months - the failed sabbatical attempt, the move and even the Mennonite "Dating" site - it's not really that but whatever, can't be picky about titles right now, primarily as I'm using Ryan's computer in Convo Mall because I couldn't manage to get mine to work... Speaking of Ryan, I'm trying to convince him to use the Menno site, for the same reasons I initially started - to get my parents off my back - at least I was doing something proactive - and like Leaha and I bemoaned we can't seem to find anything other than vanilla men out there. I know that's now a Jennism but that's the best description for what's out there - Vanilla men - weak in spirit and passion - not in the Hollywood kind, but the social justice, Christ kind, the kind of men who find it humorous to tease the vegan about her choices... what are we, 12? So I'm looking for a Cherry Garcia kind of man - sweet like the cherries, bitter/robust like the dark chocolate and has an overall complex personality to carry it... or maybe something more adventurous. But enough of the love life thing - even though my horoscope claims I should be in the throws of some kind of passionate embrace - hmm, not happening. Not that I'm really complaining to be honest - life is crazy enough as it is right now - trying to get a new job, moving in, balancing the books and the getting to the other kinds of books - which I haven't yet today. Speaking of which I have two hours to get something done. One last note, if you are out there, my horoscope man - maybe get on it, despite all my ramblings about being independent and all that I wouldn't mind if you know do something... And yes I now contradicted myself - but it's my blog and my life and I can do whatever I want right?

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