Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trash Her Dress?

So many things to blog about... I'm setting to the keyboard in the hopes of calming the nerves about the move and all that needs to accomplished in 24hours this weekend. The bigger issue at the moment is a job interview for a job that I've been told already I'm not a suitable candidate for - it's the story of my life unsuitable for everything, and yet everyone loves me - so I'm told, not quite sold on that though. Regardless interviews are always stressful - trying to unscramble the mess of world in my head and ensure that they come out in an assembled articulate form that doesn't cause a personal kick to the brain in the process - no moments where you're like why did I say that and the words seemingly echo in your brain... Deep sigh, k that's out.

So trashing the dress? Cheryl's being featured in the Province this weekend (?) regarding her trash the dress idea. Well it's not her idea, she is hiring someone to replicate the idea that started who knows when... trashing your wedding dress - post wedding. Yes, that's right she plans to drag her Vera Wang or what have you through farm land, fountains or whatever truly West Coast area she can find, meanwhile capturing it on celluloid. While I plan on selling my dress -I'm thrifty/cheap/practical, I understand the concept. The purpose is two fold - one, as with my sale of the dress - these things date so quickly, why keep a dress that no one wants in a year never mind 25 years? Secondly, it's a dress - it is in no way a symbol of your love. If anything the dismantling of the dress in such a fashion says "I'm in this marriage, and I know it isn't about the wedding." With all the hype around weddings, we not only devote a huge portion of our income, but we devote a huge portion of the relationships energy to the event and not to the process afterwards. All the while looking at the dress in the closet or box and believing that those feelings will just carry through. They're feelings and a marriage isn't based on feelings - it's a commitment, an understanding that regardless of how you're day goes this is the ship you've boarded, the bed you've laid in, the whatever you want to call it. The feelings are just the accessories, and the dress in the end is getting in the way. So go ahead and trash it. While we're at it can I do that for my bridesmaid dress? Not yours Cheryl, because of course I'm going to love it - Missy's actually - green tapestry and train that I want to get rid of.

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stitchpixie said...

hey, i thought we were all going to go mini golfing and parading around on the translink buses in the most hideous dresses we own. now if i could convince all the girlfriends to JUMP IN A FOUNTAIN and trash our repective dresses, COOL.