Sunday, September 30, 2007

It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

It's a pathetic fallacy weekend in Vancouver, which may explain why CanLit is rife with the stuff and so horribly morbid, all it seems to do is rain and storm. The argument could be made inversely that my feelings of saddness/ache/loneliness etc cause the rain. From the literary perspective - many apologies to my fellow Vancouverites. The fall/winter/spring rains have come and of course like every good Vancouverite I forgot what it feels like to stand in the rain for a bus. Now it wasn't more than 4 months ago I'm sure that the same situation occurred. Wet feet, wet jeans, wet jacket, wet bag and still holding the umbrella. It was nature's gentle reminder that the flats and no socks thing is not appropriate footwear despite my love hate relationship with socks. SFU is of course in it's foggy blanket, and the library smells more like death than ever. But it's also a good day, I can justify a nap for more reasons than exhaustion/poor sleeping schedule - cold is another - the cube heater is still valiantly trying to warm the rooms and the oven is doing the rest. Trying to warm myself from the inside with a steaming bowl of red lentil, squash, coconut and whatever else we could find curry soup with of course whole wheat chapati's to go along side.

Still in the end these days remind me of a particular song - Keith Urban's - Raining on Sunday. It's a funny song to be reminded of considering that the song couldn't apply to me - but whatever - some day it will. Anyways nap time and then back to the books - I'm freezing... soy hot chocolate would be nice right now. But the Starbucks is too far away - wonder if they will deliver. I mean I can see them from Leaha's window...

One last note - I realized today that our street is lined with maple trees - which is wonderful because they are the best for fall colors - red, yellow and orange... with my limited photography skills I'll try to capture one on our trip to Starbucks later.

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LeahA said...

hahahaha right now I am way to lazy to walk over, so carry there is 2 much rain in the way