Monday, October 1, 2007

This is a word that will start a tangental rambling

What is subjugate? Aw, I miss Jeopardy about as much as I'm sure Leaha misses those 10 minutes of her life after she asked me to define subjugate. I miss my English classes, I really do, I know I could get into a graduate school somewhere, but seriously what good would that do me? I'd be better off taking some publishing classes through SFU's continuing studies programs - the catch is I'm not really published. My poetry was published in high school, but nothing prestigious. I miss the dialogue in the classes but I also miss the language - words like subjugate, disseminate and liminal, topics like the Haskalah, ghosts and immigration and author's like Chaucer, Rhys and Roy - list goes on. Fundementally it is my love of writing. By what can I do with writing? Leaha's trying to convince me to abandon my MBB minor and switch to sociology. Like I need another reason for why I personally understand the word subjugate or that I can list quotes, texts and ramble on and on. Who knows maybe she's right. Maybe I have to surrender this degree and just apply for the dietitian program in Oregon. But then I guess that depends if I get the job or not. If I get it I won't be able to get in for next year, and if I don't maybe I'll consider sociology or delay the whole thing a year - or maybe I'll move stateside regardless and do my ashtanga yoga instructor training. In the end there is this small part of me that wants my life to do a 180 or what have you for a reason not related to my own indecisiveness or lost feeling. . . but that may just be beyond wishful thinking.

As an aside, welcome to Canada again, my beloved bride to be, Cheryl - and thanks for distracting me at lunch today while we flipped through Martha Stewart. You know when we trash your dress we need to burn the magazines - I hate having them around. I guess the next time I see you will be in a few weeks on the island? Now don't go booking that weekend, after midterms are over I'm going to need a break.

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