Friday, October 26, 2007

Would you please... and to my Southern neighbors

Part One: Leave me alone - well not you, dear reader - men in general though. I'm off the market until January 1, 2009 (that's right - unless someone can give me a damn excellent (not just good) reason to change) - no touch and while we're at it no look, no talk either. I posted on this before when I was considering buying a pseudo wedding band to simplify the point - if you're going to talk to me with a ring on my finger - then your either super creepy and I (hopefully) can see that or you're just being polite on your ride home from work. But no - this week it's been everywhere and I'm about ready to stay inside until January 09 aside from going to work and the gym. I know it sounds crazy but here's the deal - the defenses are weak - your smiles melt the icy exterior not quite thick enough - I blame someone for that - but whatever - must build all that up - fortify and in the process I don't care how wonderful my new curly hair looks - bugger off - or I will have to buy a ring - and I really don't want to because I really don't like wearing jewelry - earrings aside.

Note: Isadora's is where it's at jewelry wise - and yes I'm aware this is ridiculous in cost... but vintage (Deco primarily) is awesome - it's unique, avoids the conflict diamond issue too, and it's not Tiffany's (sorry Cheryl - yours is beautiful).

Part Two: A polar shift - Shaun Groves' posted a blog about the upcoming election - and it's blatantly obvious I'm the Canadian and pacifist of the posters... well let's just say I view things very differently and that is why I love that I have 3 crappy parties to choose from here instead of just two. I would love to post this on his site for all the Bush lovers and the anti-immigration people, but lets just say I don't think they'd appreciate it - note there is some "objectionable" language for some of you - and I will replace this when they come out with an actual video.

The latter portion of my comment on his blog "I think the general consensus across the board is simplification when it comes to government - streamline, as noted above spending on wars and welfare programs that will never address the systemic and persistent causes of our struggles - homelessness, lack of education and obesity/health - lack of effective health promotion. As you’ve noted before Shaun your new healthier lifestyle is expensive vs. McDonald’s what is a mother on welfare going to choose - and where are there the highest percentage of fast food restaurants?

I would like to see politicians change their views on immigrants and in general stop ignoring the poor and minorities - the immigration thing is far past the point of “getting rid” of them as it seems the trend is on your side - accept and work from there is where you are now at - at the end of the day they’re doing the jobs you wouldn’t ever do, so don’t say they’re taking away jobs and the majority of the time they’re doing them in conditions you wouldn’t stand for… it’s hypocrisy - and imperialism/slavery within your own borders. Then again just a Canadian - what do I know ?" In addition what I do know as a Canadian is we have better health care - sure it's got a whole host of issues but thinking about my income levels right now - I can't even begin to think of the horror if I got sick in an American setting...

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