Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lessons from Joel and the others

Leaha has given me permission to throw one more blog about men up here and since we've been talking about Joel as of late, in a good way - this following is a how to and not to list for any future man.

1. Obey the rules and you don't get hurt - seriously, you are not permitted to touch me if you are a friend, if we are on a date - specified as such - start slow, a hug is plenty. Why? Well given my previous experiences I have a policy of if you're my friend that doesn't come with benefits and if you're my boyfriend there are some specific guidelines to ensure we both remain comfortable.

2. Take your time, do not come on strong - it makes me nervous - being insidious is safer though that does sound bad. Joel spent 4 months with me before dropping the where do I stand on MSN - granted not the best way - but it did allow for a conversation where I didn't see him and his liquid courage and he didn't see me crying. (I feel like I should qualify that statement - I was crying because I had hoped that he didn't like me, because I liked him and yet knew that it wasn't going to work... brutally hard conversation)

3. Accept that I love to cook, I get excited in used bookstores and that Whole Foods or related store is a mini Eden for a foodie like me - in the end you got a pretty good birthday dinner from what I remember. But that I will not ever be a housewife in the traditional sense - nothing against them, so women are called to it - just not me.

Lessons other have learned and you should to
4. Beware - make me mad and while it may take 3 years, I will burn your stuff. General addition to that is I remember things - and I hold on to times you make me mad, so watch out, I may be polite to your face, but somewhere along the lines you got crossed off the list with a Sharpie marker - not pencil

5. If you pick one girl over another and then come back to initial girl (due to her lack of willpower) - make sure the two girls aren't friends in the end... Darrell.

6. Know the significant events, invited to a family event or even a Convocation perhaps and you're not actually interested in the person say no, do not introduce yourself to a family you have no intention of being apart of.

One more to add:

7. If you think you're my type - check this list


Shawn said...

No offense, but it all sounds like common sense to me.

cheryl said...

okay, jenn. i haven't seen you on msn in ages so i haven't been able to ask you - who on earth is this random guy that looks like he's stalking you?

Jenn said...

haha, Cheryl - I miss you. I don't really know who he is to be honest, and the whole stalking thing well... Shawn are you stalking me?

Shawn said...

Yeah...not so much on the stalking thing. I think if I was going to stalk someone I would definantely not pick a girl who is over conscience about guys...but thanks for asking...jerk.