Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years...

Years for me still start in September and not in the drudges of January. So then is it not a new year? Or is it two new years in one? I'm not quite sure. I am going to spend the new year with my family - it's the easiest meal wise.

So I was in Whole Foods today and I stumbled across Tempeh boy - actually no, but I did have a problem dealing with their cosmetics section. Combining veganism and cosmetics is frustrating, even more so with the changes in the lines they carry - I used to use a full line from face to hair by Collective Wellbeing. The issue with North Vancouver - is the preoccupation with the aesthetic and as such all the creams are anti-aging. I started to wonder - should I start? Should I start with it - I mean I work around Botox, fillers and all those things. I know I have smile lines, but then again I don't nor can I tan and I always wear sunscreen... the red hair maybe fake but the genetics determining the pale skin and freckles is definitely genuine. When surrounded by all these messages - when is giving in acceptable? When is it seen as necessary? Is it ever? I'm sure there are plenty of greater issues to concern ourselves with - like Noam Chomsky - just bought a collection of his because there was nothing by Kureshi to be found.


cheryl said...

i saw this in a time magazine:

but i think organic skin care products are a load of crap. i never could figure out why herbal essences NEVER took the grease out of my hair, until i realized what "organic" meant. give me soapy chemicals for my hair anyday.

Jenn said...

I really really liked the collective wellbeing products - but that's just me - the skin care products did what no commerical product did for me - more so they gave me the option - sensitive combination skin is not easy to deal with. Most sensitive skin products are far too moisturizing in the sense of just being oily - so I end up with clogged pores. I like the scent too - I still have a tube of Cardamon/Mint foot cream - suposedly the Whole Foods in the States still carries it because the US isn't as strict about the chemicals used in its cosmetics - it can't be shipped across the border unless one of the chemicals is changed to the more expensive version - so they opted to just stop providing to us up here - or so the lady in Whole Foods told me