Saturday, January 12, 2008

Names and Identities

Successful television shows other than following a format previously successful, try and provide us with characters that we can relate to – not necessarily as a whole, but represent either aspects that we like about ourselves, desire that we had or even wish we didn’t… I have had monikers added in relation to certain shows I watch or should say use to – no TV now and I can’t get the shows to load properly… just to digress it’s so much easier to buy a box set and melt your brain for an entire weekend in front of your parents nice TV – of course a weekend they’re not there and you’re babysitting the family brat (Maximus).

So who are you? I’ve been labelled the following – and feel free to add more

Sex in the City: Carrie with an element of Miranda – primarily her neuroses, and commitment phobia – the perfect episode is the Brady birthday one…

As to the whole Carrie – perverse love of stiletto heels, older men who are all wrong for you and well of course the whole writing thing – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to write her column – after she poses the question at the beginning.

Friends – Monica: “the mother,” the cleaner, the neurotic but lovable geek in 50’s housewife skin, yet completely sees herself as a feminist.

Grey’s – Meredith: the desire to appease parent/parents, the crazy boy issues – granted mine have never been like that… I can see some saying Izzie – but I prefer to switch to obscenely rational mode when it comes to issues like like/love/lust.

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