Thursday, March 13, 2008

As I sit here,

Staring at his band t-shirt and the card from Valentine's Day, I'm not sure what to do with it. Richard's stuff - that was easy - burn it, Ryan's, well tossing it seems cold, but I need catharsis - maybe I'll do what I did with Richard's stuff - stash it somewhere until the mixed emotions clarify, or more so for our current situation, when all the codeine laced cough syrup leaves my system.

But on the note of catharsis, I'm done with crying - I feel like this weekend is mine to banish winter, the demon cold/flu - which has now been labeled by some an intentional "gift" to cancel the trip and get me high enough on codeine and out of my mind to just spit out what I've been suppressing for a while now, and to regain a bit more of who I am or to be and maybe just have fun.

So to achieve that I'm buying myself some tulips, making a trip to Donald's, buying a waffle maker, and spending an afternoon in McLeod's books looking for first editions and filling out my collection. And then taking some groceries to my parents' house on Saturday night and spending the weekend with Maximus and watch Earth - since I haven't seen it yet and maybe a Stephen Frears film. As to the waffle maker - well good food goes a long way to healing the soul - waffles, coffee and a sun rise looking at Seymour with Max sitting on the newspaper - no other way to start a Sunday.

And my song of the moment.



LeahA said...

waffle maker?????????!!!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOOOT WOOT

Anonymous said...

i heart waffle makers!!! that's it! i'm coming over more often!!!