Friday, March 14, 2008

Do as Grey's tells you...

I just caught the end of the episode Crash into Me (Grey's of course) and "Start Living," "Start Healing," "Start Fresh" - where the clips at the end, from the trailer for the new episodes. It's funny how I keep seeing those recurrent images, but maybe that's just me and my love for spring, the beauty in the rebirth. The chance for a new beginning, all living things get their phoenix moment if you will. So I am taking this opportunity to seize mine and bringing my brand new Matt and Nat bag along with me. While I'm not doing the standard hair cut and color or buying new shoes per say - I am but they're online... instead I figure it's time to start reclaiming my time.

On the schedule for the weekend

1. Good Night Sleep on all nights - courtesy of my wonderful codeine cough syrup
2. Drop off my laundry at home, then off to Donald's to pick up groceries - test running a recipe for Keftedes made with Tempeh and Zucchini this weekend, also making pizza on Monday, waffles on Sunday, and Hot Cross Buns sometime tomorrow maybe so that my parents have a treat for Easter - since they get back on Sunday night from Mexico
3. Clean the house - it's actually suprisingly sterile right now - due to my paranoia that Leaha would get the Plague it's be Lysol'd top to bottom for days now.
4. Photo shoot/coffee/dinner/Sheree Plett concert on Sunday with Leah.
5. Late morning at McLeod's, and pizza on Monday - maybe even brunch with my mom if she's not working.
6. On Monday buy enough flowers from a street vendor on Granville to fill the house with spring.

I know a crazy schedule for the girl with the plague - but you know I love cooking (the blog is getting more traffic now - got to keep it up) and spending time with friends and Max of course - and just embracing life - it's funny the burdens we carry needlessly...



Anonymous said...

yay, yay, YAY for #4!!!!!

Ryan said...

I'm just struggling with everything being doubled in here!? There's two Leah's and there's another Ryan... and then there's you - a Jenn with two N's! lol

I thought jumping in on someone elses blog/life would be easy, but it's definitely a little harder with the double-up... but hey don't mind me I'm a fast learner!

And I love all the food being mentioned in here (yes I am a bloke!).

LeahA said...

ur weekend sounds awesome....have fun with Leah and if she gets out of hand you have my permission to slap her :)

ohhh flowers

Jenn said...

Welcome Ryan, don't worry about the double thing - the other Ryan will get his nickname again - Three.

As to LeahA and Leah - well at least in type you can tell them apart - it's funny when I talk about them - going out with Leah but not Leaha, roommate Leaha is often what I say...

As to food - food is important - I use to get through life - helps me make friends, coerce people and in general ensures everyone loves me... as well it helps people realize that vegan food tastes good, surprisingly.