Monday, March 17, 2008

Peace, Balance and Chickpea Curry

I can't say I've had a good night's sleep in over a week, or that I haven't had busy days and chaos, and that this week won't be hard on my weak voice - yes the laryngitis has yet to leave me. Out of all this my mom said something on the ride from their place to mine tonight - "You need a husband who loves with a sacrificial love, a love like Christ's, not selfish and self serving." Now my mom knows little to nothing of Three or any of our conversations, but apparently in all her praying He told her something I was unable to see until that moment this evening. While I was continually made to feel emotionally inadequate it was quite the opposite.

I was reading an article in an old Yoga Journal tonight that reiterated what my mom had said. "At first they appear magical, later you realize they have their wounded places and needs and unfinished business they're hoping you'll complete for them." Wow, now that's accurate. So despite the gratuitous post about K, and yes he will as he has always cause the same symptoms for me, I know it's my season to find peace and balance in Him - when the time comes to alter the dynamics, it will work and my life won't seem flooded by chaos and a cacophony of discord, sound and friction.

So I'm off to enjoy my sleep, with a tummy full of partially digested chickpea curry from VWAV and I know that regardless of tomorrow - His mercies are new and He's doing something with this life - looking forward to the glimpses of it - as I know the whole plan I will only see when this life is over.



Ryan said...

Just out of curiousity Jenn, is being vegan a choice, a stance, or what you're stuck with due to some horrible digestive condition??

(I've never met a vegan, as you can probably tell.)

Jenn said...

Veganism is a multi-faceted choice for me.

1. I am lactose intolerant and have an insensitivity/allergy to eggs.

2. Not a fan of meat in general

3. If I were to eat meat again - for me it would have to come with strict ethical restrictions - to the point where eating vegan would be more practical, since it would have to be genuinely free range, antibiotic free/organic and humane slaughter conditions and environmentally friendly - such as individually caught fish vs. commercial.

4. From a Christian perspective - I don't believe that we are being good stewards of our environment or the animals given to us - I don't argue that we weren't given animals as an option to eat - but not in the form they are today - in feedlots, battery cages or force fed - so in that sense the choice is a stance - to encourage people to think about where there food comes from.

5. For the purposes of health - being vegan - is low/no cholesterol diet and it also ensures that I have a hand in almost everything I eat, I know what's in it and can control the preservatives, salt and other additives as well as ensuring that whole/alternative grains are used like spelt, rye or buckwheat flour.

Don't worry about asking the question - and here are two links from past posts to give you more background