Monday, April 7, 2008


Leaha and I have been talking about this song for the last few minutes while my Chai tea bag steeps in the soy on the stove - it's simple, but it's not - that's enough from me for tonight - I don't have any energy left to articulate what I want to right now.


LeahA said...

Jenn I love sitting here with you talking abotu what Songs mean to us and what the bible means and eat and laugh and live together

jocelyn said...

I wish I was your roommie so I could listen in on your conversations over the chai on the stove!

PS I think you should check out this website re: our conversation about crazysexychronic over on my blog:

I envision a book that's a synthesis of the girlfriend-confidential attitude of chronic babe (they published one of my articles a few months ago!), and the self-reinvention feel of CrazySexyCancer... but with some great information and inspiration. I think we could do it.


leah said...

love that song jenn. thanks for sharing it.

Jocelyn said...

ditto on the song - I've got him playing on my playlist now. Thanks for sharing.