Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death Becomes Me Part 2

For those who've followed for a while and that's like almost none I had the illness of a lifetime in the spring, and it officially made me a whimp and wholly impatient with germs. I'm testing the get ye to bed asap treatment, rather then the drug thyself for two weeks and then surrender when convenient treatment. Illness is never convenient, it never comes when you're prepared to spend hours blowing green ooze from your raw nose while watching the season finale of every show you never wanted to watch in the first place. To date I'm up to date on Gossip Girl, Bones, Grey's Anatomy and watched Get Smart and Enchanted. I've read Andrew Peterson's book On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness which I would like to say is actually really cute, it could a have a little of something I can't put my finger on, but it was really good for what it is - a fantasy story for the whole family - something to read your kids and it's given me some interesting dreams about running around in forests, libraries, treasures and all that fun stuff.

Also in this time I've download the free Phil Whickham Sing-A-Long and I've got to say come on folks download - honestly it's the way I love worship music - a guitar and a multitude of voices and I figured out why - it reminds me of camp, of the purity of the moment sitting on the wood benches, the fire crackling and the light from the setting sun fading around us. God was so real then, so real, like touchable. There is this moment I recall when I'm trying to fall back to sleep, looking for a moment of comfort in the darkness of night. It's not a worship moment per say - I've got my feet hanging of the front of the sailboat, laying down and my eyes closed, enjoying the movement of the boat, the hot August sun, and being fully aware that it was my last time on that boat. My camp memories are crystal clear which I find crazy at times, but I love them, I find peace and joy in those awkward teen moments because life was simple - it was pizza buns and crafts that never worked, it was my awesome ability to do archery, it was new friends and games.

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