Friday, October 10, 2008

Long Weekends

There is something about knowing you have a long weekend that makes life sweeter, but seriously, I think what made life beautiful today was not the prospect of a weekend with Ms. J or the piece of Green and Black's Mint Chocolate bar (which is like a million times better then Caramilk - I know they aren't the same but seriously folks, so much better), it was the ride into work - the frost, the cold (3C this morning) and the fog, it was this amazing morning, the sky was a deep periwinkle - rich with the darkness that was receding, the warm pinky orange glow on all the frost surfaces and of course the best part fog. Okay so I confess going to school for 8 years in the stuff permently, day in and day out sucked because darn it that's all there was fog, everywhere. This morning's fog was whispy and dense hugging all the lower areas and letting the sun warm and highlight the rest. The truly amazing part was everyone on the skytrain seemed to notice the same thing, it was breath giving in a sense of a gasp more then life stealing which I think something being breath taking implies... wow that's a little off.

All that being said it was still darn cold and apparently I need to remember what cold actually feels like and on that note I'm off to find my slippers and see if I can't get the heater any closer without burning my skin...

Happy Organic Free Range, Ethically Brought to your table Tof/urkey Weekend. And yes I realize the picture is a bit of a juxtaposition but seriously folks, think about where it comes from.

Btw ours is sooo much better then the American one, we celebrate when the fields are full and we ensure that all our holidays run together in an evenly spaced way, Tofuky Day, Halloween, Remebrance Day, Christmas... nice and even.


Shawn said...
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Red Eyes said...

Dear Jenn,
I love long weekends! especially not the ones that continue on to days when everyone else is working! :)
But I love it when the morning fog lifts slowly from my mind, especially driving down the quiet countryside scenery. It always seems like a fairy tale but I hate the fog of sadness, such as when you are driving on the highway at night and its so foggy and all you can see are the lights of the vehicle in front of you and you have about 283 miles to go.

Now tell me, please, where does it come from? I don't wish to imagine the poor birds have travelled in the cold at 3c, yes?

See you soon on red eyes, hopefully

Jenn said...

The birds? Well they come from farms local and farther away, depends on what you're buying. Yes they do travel a fair distance depending on where they are taken to be slaughtered. I don't think it's the weather that's a huge issue, it's the conditions in which they are raised and the food they are feed, whether it's all vegetable organic or full of byproducts and chemicals

Red Eyes said...

Thanks for raising my awareness.
I would have thought the conditions were kept as natural as possible. Its crucial to have the chance to see the conditions in which birds are raised. Its good to get a sense of how the breeder handles their birds. Thanks for stopping.