Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sing a little song for me

As I was laying here trying to find the sleep my body is craving, I was listening to the Acoustic Hillsong collection on Imeem. I started to think about the words of someone this morning. "Do you like to sing?" I love to sing, I knew that was my answer, but my response was I guess. I guess because I feel that I'm not good at it, so why outwardly would I demonstrate a failing? I know that sounds funny now and I know it's not correct thought, even wierder I've sung in front of hundreds and I'm not referencing those who have stood next to me in church or seen singing in the car, rather those in two Russian churches, I was singing miked and in another language nonetheless. It was still so different then having my roommate hear me singing me to computer. I fear my voice, a voice I used to love, a voice I used to use for my security - singing to myself. I guess I learned to fear it because it felt like no one wanted to hear it, it was not a beautiful sound to anyone's ear on this earth. I don't know now how I feel. I do love to sing, and I do feel like there is a voice that is leaving me unlike any voice I've known before. So like everything else that is changing, maybe this too is... in the meanwhile, would you like to join me?

PS. So I know the picture isn't of me singing, or anyone for that matter, it seems that no one on the team has posted the one picture of it occuring in the large church in Perm. So I'll grace you with a huge tanget aside that is somewhat related - our pastime for 22 hours Rook, and it looks like I had a good hand...

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Red Eyes said...

Yes Jenn, I'm joining you and this track off the latest hillsong united album is so excellent. It's my favouite on that album. "I see the king of glory Coming on the clouds with fire The whole earth shakes The whole earth shakes Yeee..." Thanks for stopping by and staying connected. I am sure you still have that voice.
Anyway, I'm loving the tune.
Bye for now.