Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have found my thoughts swirling around me like the fall leaves these past few days and unfortunately just as I think I have them settled, everything goes all skyward. Even more perplexing was my realization that I'm happier on the rainy days, which according to Canadian literary theory is all wrong. How can I be a writer and not have my emotions in direct correlation with the weather? It's a luscious fall day outside, ripe with all the seasonal colours, fresh cool air, and here I am nursing a cup of acid black coffee and my second mini Snicker's bar, because well it's been one of those mornings. Now maybe the osmosis from the joy of the seasonal beauty is hindered because I'm in my windowless cave of an office, or maybe it has more to do with all the patients who don't follow instructions, and my continual fight with them to get them to L-I-S-T-E-N. Forms in ASAP or else, I don't think you can be any clearer especially when I've given you 2 full and wonderful months in which to delay that ASAP request in. Well as I said to Nat, I think the time has come for me to start threatening people with the C work - CANCELLED. Oops sorry you don't have surgery because you don't listen, give me a call when you're ready... but I just can't bring myself to that. It's hard it's like the additional therapy I started last night. No one tells you it's going to be easy, you know it's going to be hard, but you just didn't imagine it would be like that, that it would make you feel like that. Like you're not alone.

So if I can impart some wisdom to you let it be Snickers are icky, follow instructions and more importantly you are not alone.


Another Watermark song it just seems to fit the overall feeling and motivation for this journey, finding the place of truly understanding the words



LeahA said...

i leave and then you start eating snickers......ohhh jenN!

Jenn said...

ice cream and stinky pre fetus chickens - eggs too ... yep the sky is falling...

LeahA said...

no cheese though, right??!?!?!? Cause I dont think I could handle that.

Jenn said...


Psyconym said...

Hey, I am psyconym and I found your blog through Red Eyes, if that is ok?? I am kind of on a journey myself, as I am on a gap year from University. I find your blog an interesting read.

I also claim to be a feminist. It would be great if you dropped by my blog sometime, it's a little out there and probably doesn't make any sense, but the invite is there.

Stay Cool!