Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spit, Hems and Open Ceilings

Healing is a ugly business, it's always been, it's also been portrayed as so simple. Just touch a hem, be smeared with saliva sourced mud or hack through a mud/straw ceiling. They left healed or did they? Lazarus was raised, but he smelled of death, wreaked of it - how did he cope with that experience? The lady who touched Jesus hem has spent most of her life ill, so she's healed where's her support, life, family? Did the man who could see really want to see all the ugliness that came with the beauty, was it worth it?

I wonder if we have limited the understanding of healing to a moment, a get up and walk moment, yet we forget the atrophied muscles and a body that does not know what it's experiencing. I've come into this stage of my journey aware and becoming more aware that so what I've ripped a roof open, now I'm exposed in front of a group of people pissed that I've put myself center stage and even worse I've got to fumble myself out of the room, partially healed with numb and tingling legs trying to figure out what it feels like to walk, never mind run, skip or even jump.

In the end we will always be broken whether physically, mentally or emotionally in that because of our sin our bodies do not permit pure forgiveness, we cannot ourselves create a distance east to west wide when it comes to our failures, pain, experiences, but we can be made new in other ways that through God's grace, it's just the accepting it and living with it part...

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