Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've been rocked, like lullabyed in the last few days, not all day long - it's been nasty at work, but there's been something in my soul. I tried to explain to Leah, Lidijia is continually saying we need to honor our practice on and off the mat, and in sort of non-yoga terms I've come to understand that means your leg may be just a little off the floor today, it may stay there for a week, month or years, you may be despite your gentle self challenge in a spot, you are there and you need to respect that spot, understand that you're there and embrace it, breathe in and find peace in it, not complacency. Life has those moments where when you give up trying to push it, the wobbling stops and you gain strength. It's from there you garner the ability to grow.

Anywho - found new music and that's been my solace at work, that and Halloween candy, who can really fault a holiday that allows you to buy candy for others and not feel guilty like you would at Valentine's day or Christmas. The new music is below.


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Red Eyes said...

Hello, I am glad I came by this blog. What an interesting post and links! Music fulfils my needs, with perhaps a little poetry, a little german philosophy.

I see you are a rushdie fan as well. I'm reading one of his books, the satanic verses, have you read this and what are your views? I would like to return and comment further on your blog if you feel a counter visit is worth some of your time?