Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Because Everyone Owns a


Yes, I own one and I'm not an MD or related like an RN. But I am thankful. I can now rest more easy as I was anxious due to my own heart vibration. I went to the walk in clinic/old job to resume my being stabbed by a sharp item as well as discuss the vibrations that have been happening for the last month or so. Yes, my heart's been vibrating and no I'm not over doing the caffeine, but I am over doing the Type A or so the way too high maintenance metrosexual Locum claimed. Wow, I'm that easy to tag for someone who looked at my chart for all of a second - recorded no exercise history, dietary, medical and I know it's not in there because well my GP was my boss for 6 years, the man knows more about me then I want to know about. So I figured, while watching my laptop TV I should monitor my ticker, I'm also monitoring the vibrations and hoping in the end I can find a way to get a stress test from a Cardiologist - strings people, working the strings. I'm going to love explaining this to the next GP or Cardio - I sit watching TV and listen to my heart with my Kinesiology class purchased stethoscope... everyone needs one right? That and a BP monitor.



LeahA said...

hahaha your soo cute jenn

LeahA said...

hhmmm if i was there i would probably be pestering you to write a blog about here are my topics...

-hope when you feel hopeless

-emotions..too many of them inside the female body

-smiling even when he wants you to be real but actually wants you to be fake..

i think i need to write a blog, so I am commisioning you

Jenn said...

Sure honey, I think that's multiple blogs but I will do my best.

LeahA said...