Monday, November 17, 2008

One Step At A Time

I have running songs, I love the ones with a metronome type beat, one foot, second foot, one foot or whatever the beat/mantra is for the moment. I've been watching some friends train for a 1/2 marathon and well I gave in, sort of, I bought my first copy of Runner's World in 6 months. They've got a slew of 1/2 marathons in there - I was thinking of finding one for the Easter Weekend - where ever it is, registering and traveling - a way of making a possibly/likely difficult weekend monumental for all the wonderful reasons that pushing yourself to a healthy goal offers. I would prefer not to die crossing, or crawl across, so I've started to think about all the places and times in Vancouver I can run, like run after work in the VGH area? Or run to my parents place and back - that's a 1/2 marathon distance with hills - I've run part of that trail - it's an asparagus kicker in spots... all this wonderful knowledge is courtesy of Jordin and


Now hop, skip, walk, jog, run or sprint to it, you've got no excuse - and one great reason - think of all the holiday nog, chocolates and booze you can down if you start running now... or how fab you'll feel and possibly look if you pass all that by and keep running...

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R.E.II™ (the missing beginning) said...

Thanks for the inspiration...we will get there eventually.