Friday, December 19, 2008

PC's, Do We Need Them?

Maybe my subconscious is revolting about the planned expulsion of K from the throne of my fairytale future, regardless I found myself wondering this morning as I was flat ironing my hair - is K my Mr. Rochester? Is he there because I need him to be, not just in the sense of holding up a pillar of my self perception but more so as a figure demonstrating those essential characteristics I/we truly long for. Now hear me out. I'm not saying they are the characteristics we truly need but I do think that our PC represents something of who we desire, or whatever we could have and be with if nothing stood in the way, say time, fiction or whatever. Much like our dream jobs - they hold something for us, they urge us forward. Maybe our PC's urge us forward towards that love, the love that is all consuming, a wild abandon kind of love - and no I don't mean to imply there is no work involved at all, but there is something to that kind of love that is different.

Mr. Rochester is my fictional PC, and not the Wide Sargasso Sea version, the "illegitimate" child raising/supporting man who in his pride and stubbornness tries to love without full honesty and disclosure and in the end actually gives Jane one of the most beautiful gifts - a gift I was sort of given - the forceful push into brutal and harsh uncertainty only to find that life is experienced through our emotions, through our failures. She returns once she frees herself from St. John and finds a very different man. Return I must not and will not.

What about Mr. Darcy? He's the favorite of many - the handsome yet pompous asshole, did I mention handsome, who redeems himself and we see a new man, maybe a man always there, but we're led to believe it was us, our love for him that redeemed him, that freed his soul to the man that was there all along.

Maybe we even believe in the PC of Disney's manifestation, though I do have to say they strike me as well, 2 dimensional, or even less a true caricature of who a man is to be - there is no redemption for these men - they are the save the day, my woman is hot and all that's all that matters kind of characters and our PC's are beyond that.

When it comes down to it - they are multilingual, multifaceted, flawed, broken, stubborn, loving men - they're the kind that stick by their woman. The stuff that dreams and really great classical fiction are made of and maybe even your future someone.


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